• Next Step in Indoor Navigation

  • Easily integrated

  • Low-cost deployment

  • iBeacon compatible

Pathfindr is an innovative, indoor navigation solution from bigdog
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Search and locate with ease

Pathfindr introduces an alternative solution for indoor navigation and wayfinding, offering greater accuracy and better reliability than WiFi, bluetooth and magnetic solutions.


Intelligent Wayfinding

The benefits and opportunities provided by indoor micro-location are extensive and ever expanding. Retail, Hospitality, Public buildings and Industrial environments are just some of the many sectors that can benefit from enabling customers to be location aware.


Just some possibilities

  • Product Search
  • Online picking
  • Warehouse management
  • Wayfinding
  • Location Search
  • Asset management
  • Facility visualisation
  • Guided tours

How it works

Pathfindr was born out of frustration from the poor accuracy and expense of WiFi and Bluetooth (iBeacon) technologies. We set ourselves the goal of developing a platform that was low-cost, more accurate, and used a 100% passive infrastructure with zero maintenance.


Simplicity wins

Using the front or rear facing camera on your smart device, Pathfindr constantly scans for signature images (markers) on the ceiling or floor.

These markers can be read incredibly quickly, and the user's exact position and orientation is then triangulated from this view. When a marker is not in view, the device’s array of sensors are used to estimate and track movement. This position is then refined as soon as another marker becomes available.


No Compass, No Wifi, No Data, No Problem

From the markers we can also determine the user's orientation, unlike other platforms which rely on the unreliable indoor performance of compasses, offering an important advantage to wayfinding.
No data is required to operate, meaning GSM deadzones provide reduced barriers to operation.

  • Absolute positioning

    We don't estimate where you are, we know. We call this Absolute Positioning and it makes the difference between knowing whether you are in aisle 6 or aisle 7.

  • Accurate orientation

    If you have ever tried to use you smartphone's compass indoors, you'll know how unreliable it is. We identify your heading independently so you'll always know which way to go.

  • No Wifi

    Pathfindr works completely independently requiring no WiFi, GSM or other Data connection. All you need is your smartdevice in your hand.


Pathfindr integration

Your stores can be easily integrated into the platform, providing low-cost deployment while defining a new standard of in-store navigation. Its functionality can be added to existing mobile apps as well.


Data Integration

We build custom data interpreters for a variety of Planogram and building schematic software. This data feed is then augmented with the web based MapBuilder application to create user-friendly maps.



Installation of printed markers is usually a simple process via adhesive and magnetic solutions. This can be carried out by us, or by existing contractors or internal staff.


Hybrid Solution

Pathfindr can be used stand-alone, or combined with other location technologies to augment and enhance. A good use case is using Pathfindr to correct errors and drift in other radio based solutions.

  • MapBuilder

    We can quickly deploy custom maps, or generate automatically from planogram solutions such as JDA.

  • SDK

    Our private SDK can be used to integrate Pathfindr into any existing iOS or Android application.

  • Markers

    The size and density of printed markers varies depending on fixing height and coverage required.


Pathfindr Plus+ offers an additional range of optional modules to assist customers, gain insight, promote sales and enhance the store experience.



Being location aware enables you to create targeted content by combining location with a variety of parameters such as user profile, search history and previous purchases. This augmented content could provide product offers, how-to-guides, video, live chat and access to online only products and services.

  • Waypoints & alerts

    Navigation paths can use customer insight data to include intelligent waypoints, and notify the user of locations/products that may be of interest.

  • Custom 'Paths'

    Promoted paths can include multiple locations, such as a guided tour or a collection of products to be purchased together for a particular task.

  • Customer Insight & rewards

    Gather qualitative and quantative customer information including time spent in store and location/product searches. Reward customers for checking into specific locations.

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